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Whilst most schools focus on specific values it is much rarer to find ones that take a co-ordinated approach that involves the whole learning community over a sustained period of time. That is where our 360o project comes in, providing schools with everything they need to engage all stakeholders in reflecting on specific values. Central to our project is a series of guides that provide activities and photocopiable resources for different communities within your school. We also sell reources to support each guide.
Each guide contains: Four devotions and prayers for use at staff and governor meetings 2 Adult reflection activities for use at training events A parental newsletter with activities to complete with their child Four interactive school and class activities Ideas and resources for a rewards system based around the value Five prayer cards that can be photocopied and distributed within the school Five inspirational quotes that can be copied and displayed around the school A self-evaluation record card to keep a note of when and where the resources are used and their impact
Whole School Activity Guide SD201 £25
Whole School Activity Guide SD321 £25
Whole School Activity Guide SD331 £25
Whole School Activity Guide SD341 £25