World Cup & Worship 2018 is a multimedia resource that aims to introduce pupils to different countries, whilst providing a ‘thought for the day’ video clip. The resource is a powerpoint based resource, supplied on DVD and can be easily customised by selecting activities that are relevant for your pupils. The resource covers information on 20 of the countries that will be participating in this years World Cup. Each country is explored through the activities below;
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Penalty Shootout A 5 round quiz giving facts about the country based on a penalty shootout format
Video A short 3-5 minute video giving an overview of each country. The videos also give a short Christian ‘thought for the day’
Where In the World Quiz Pupils work out the location of each country with this short quiz
Languages Pupils learn some of the basic phrases for each country that could be used during the day
Prayer A prayer connected to the thought of the day
Worzle An interactive fun quiz based on each country
World Cup Record Useful information about each countries participation in the World cup, including confirmed fixtures
Updated & Revised Please note that most of this resource has been revised from the previous World Cup pack and the Around the World & Worship Packs with 10 new countries and new quizzes and information for the others.