The TIU Associate Agent Training Programme is a unique powerpoint based resource that helps Primary aged pupils to learn about the Holy Trinity in an innovative way. Agent Watkins is a fictional agent from the Trinitarian Investigation Unit that looks at information that is shared about the Holy Trinity to check that it is accurate. He is looking to recruit trainee agents who can do the same. In the course of their training, the pupils will learn about, the persons of the Holy Trinity, their Roles and their relationship to each other. They will also learn about the two main heresies, Tritheism and Modalism, using that knowledge to assess the accuracy of eight Trinitarian models. We can confidently say that there is no other resource like this that addresses this topic, that can be so difficult to understand and explain. As with all our resources, it does not require any previous knowledge or understanding of the Holy Trinity and requires little in the way of preparation.
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