Online assembly resource for secondary schools
Ponder is an innovative online assembly resource that provides material for 5 days a week, 12 weeks each term. Developed to improve consistency across a number of different schools, Ponder is easy to use, requires no prior knowledge and can be led and delivered by students. Ponder harnesses  resources, such as Youtube, to provide stimulating discussion starters that are both relevant and engaging. Each Ponder module contains of 8 themes that are explored using 5, daily, discussion starters. Each theme is supported with a prayer, Bible verse, short reflection and quote that provide a context for the material. Now in it’s third year, Ponder delivers effective, engaging assemblies that are distinctively Christian in nature. Ponder has been developed from a number of other programmes that have been successfully tried and tested in secondary schools over the past 6 years. Ponder is aimed at Secondary Schools with age appropriate material.
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