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The first Christmas is coming, and God has asked a small group  of angels to watch over events so  that everything goes to plan.  Led by the ever trustworthy Gabriel,  the committee watch as  events unfold. During the process the angels learn that, despite a  number of surprising twists and turns, God had everything  planned out all along.  Angels Watching Over Christmas is a creative take on the  Christmas story. The reflections aim to remind youngsters of the  important events around Jesus’ coming into the world at  Christmas, whilst also helping them to see how Old Testament  Prophets had foretold what would happen years before.  The pack includes 10 original stories as well as Bible Verses,  prayers and follow up questions. Each reflection also contains a  colourful graphic to remind youngsters of each event as well as  linked Bible readings that will take them through the Christmas  Story step by step. 
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